I’m going to be here all day if anyone would like to ask any questions.

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i wanna join , but idk who to be ;-; —Anonymous

Well, I would love if you played a male but I’m open to you playing anyone, love.

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I’m sure the tag has some lurkers. Wanna check us out?

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welcome to visionary arts academy, home to the vaa snow leopards!

We’re not your average boarding school.Everyone has a vision. for some its to find if mermaids or unicorns really do exist. Others’ dream is to be a doctor or lawyer but not at this boarding school. For these kids, its to be a star. Their dreams are filled of their own names on billboards, in gossip magazines, on the cover of magazines or in the New York Times’s Bestsellers.  The kind of people that kids call their role models. They have the talent but this industry is only 20% talent. The rest is 40% heart, 20% being yourself  and surely 20 % smarts. 

established in 1928, a place where dreams come true.

The idea was that everyone had a dream, a vision for themselves. They are here not only to think of who they are but what they want to be. Its knowing who you are and what you want to achieve. The most important thing is believing in yourself. These teachers are here to test their will, limits, hearts and everything else that comes with being a star.

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Its only two in the afternoon. It feels much later. Anyways, back to fixing bios and graphics, I go. Check us out while I do my job, eh?

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Rose White.

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can you make a bio for kaelynn harris FC? —Anonymous

If I do, it’ll take a about a week to get up. If that’s alright with you.

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Ms. Seline Gold.

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Nalani Arte.

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Can you make a Kylie Jenner FC and save her for me, bae? —Anonymous

I’m sorry to disappoint love but Kylie Jenner is already an fc and she’s taken.

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