Damien Perez looks like Jacob Perez. He is 16 years old and is currently asophomore. He is here to be a chef

About Damien Perez:  

Damien lived in a functional, beautiful, cozy, home with his two moms and his little sister, Dove. Yeah that’s right. Damien has two astonishing mothers who loves him too pieces and he is incredibly grateful for that. But things soon changed as Damien entered middle school. His mom’s tried to hide the fact that they were lesbians because they know their children would have to suffer the consequences. But soon someone was walking by and eavesdropped on one of their annual tryst to get away from the kids. Being that they lived in Alba, Texas the word spread pretty fast. At that time everybody basically shunned them. At school nobody wanted to be his friend because their parents told them not to. Even his teachers would ignore him when he had his hand raised or give him bad grades on purpose. Life was hell and he and his family could barely escape. Then one night as Damien was walking home two unidentified men threw rocks and eggs at him calling him mean and nasty slurs. But when the family went to the police they acted as if it wasn’t a big deal. At that time Damien’s mom had enough. They packed their bags and flew all the way to Brooklyn, NY. Life there wasn’t heaven. His mom’s did have to search for new jobs and they weren’t accustomed to the city, but there are many different people there and some accepted his differences.


Damien is extremely eccentric in everything he does. You will always find him wearing flashy clothing. He has an interest in fine culinary arts and high fashion, but he is far too caught up in culture to notice the real world around them. He even calls himself “A Living Work of Art” He can also be quite stuck-up and vain, but quick to ask for forgiveness if he offends someone with his self-confidence


  • Is best friends with Antonie Love, Trevon Oak and Payton Black  
  • Is the big brother to Dove Perez

Joshua Bowen looks like Luke Brooks. He is 16 years old and currently a sophomore. He is here to be a comedian.

About Joshua Bowen:

Give a brief summary about the character’s past. What influenced his personality? Why does he love making people laugh? Admin T will write this for you.


Joshua was always different but he wasn’t one to mind. He enjoyed being different. The stares that people gave him didn’t scare him much. Actually, he enjoyed the curiosity or horror etched on their faces when they saw his lip ring or choice in hair color. Despite, what he may look like Joshua is a pretty friendly, and calm person.  He also loves to pull pranks on an unsuspecting friend. Hearing someone laugh brings a smile to Joshua’s face every time. He isn’t judgmental which is evident in the way he defies the usual stereotype of someone of his appearance. 


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The role of Joshua Bowen is currently unavailable.

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Alexander Bolton looks like Travis Garland. He is a 18 years old and is currently a senior. He is here to be a rapper.

About Alexander Bolton:

Give a brief summary about the character’s past. What influenced his personality? Why does he love rapping?


Alexander always had a heart of gold. Whether it was tending to a small child or helping an old lady in her time of need, Alex always has others on his mind.  He displays caring attitude whether people want it or not. However, he doesn’t make a big deal of it. Often, he’ll shrug off the compliments or multiple thank you’s because his reward is doing the right thing.


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The role of Alexander Bolton is currently reserved

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Vienna Rooseir looks like asapkvlla. She is 17 years old and currently a junior. She is here to be a photographer.

About Vienna Rooseir:

Vienna’s dad walked out her mother before Vienna could even walk. Since then her mother had been a severe partier. As Vienna grew up, she realized she was soon morphing into the mother figure her mom never was. Every Saturday, she found herself cleaning up red solo cups from the floor or tending to her mother’s hangover. Soon it was too much. She found her escape through pictures and friends but everyone decided that she needed more than just a hobby to stop the cycle. Her friends paid for her to come to VAA.


Vienna is very close to frightening.  She’s always stood up for those who are too afraid to stand up for themselves however she’d rather her good deeds never come to light. She’s considered every body’s bad girl. Honestly, if she talks to you there’s something about you that insterests her. Just remember that can always be good or bad.


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The role of Vienna Roosier is currently reserved.

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Meet Jaxon Martinez, who is best friends with Charles St.CloudViolet Dupre and Shay DanielsonHe’s a senior here at Visionary Arts and is only 18 years old. Come apply as him because everyone needs someone to lean on.

♦ What are you here studying for Jaxon?

I am here to learn and share my beauty with the world. 

♦ Why do you want to be a model?

The fashion, the girls, the parties, the fame… dare I go on?

♦ Describe yourself.

I love cracking jokes with my friends and watching sports. I guess i’m just a normal guy with a crazy dream.

♦ Tell us about your best friends. 

Well Shay is the creative one of the bunch. But he ain’t got no game *chuckles*. Charles is someone to look out for because he is one sneaky bastard but he’s frickin hilarious. Violet is pretty cool once you look past her super bitch-ness. She is one of the very few people who actually understands  and accept me .                                     

 You can find out more about Jaxon here.

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Evelyn Lopez looks like Vanessa Hudgens. She is 18 years old and currently a senior. She is here to be a model.

About Evelyn Lopez: 

Evelyn was a total geek growing up. She had huge thick glasses, braces, bad acne and was heavy set. The worst part is that she can’t blame it on genetics. She comes from an absolutely gorgeous, rich (and lean) family. She felt as if her parents regret not stopping at two kids. Her older brother Brian was an honor student at Columbus. Her second oldest sister Virginia, joined the peace corps. They are both fluent in french, popular, attractive and successful and Evelyn couldn’t live up to the hype. Her mother was a psychologist for adolescents and her dad was a sports manager so they never paid Evelyn much attention. She got tired of feeling like a burden and embarrassment to her family. She was tired of her brother walking two strodes faster while walking on the street so people wouldn’t think they are together. She was tired and ready for a change

 So Evelyn tried everything. She crash dieted, got contacts, got invisalign, and ate less. Of course her parents didn’t realize their daughter’s strange behavior but they did notice her weight loss. Her dad started taking her on father-daughter shopping spree’s. Her mother even invited her to one of her “Black-Tie Events” that she would always invite Brian and Virginia to. But one night on one of these black-tie-events Evelyn passed out. She was sent to the ER and that’s when her family found out about her “diet”. Her dad was out of town and he mother was so ashamed she didn’t visit her at the hospital. Instead she hired someone to go pick her up. When Evelyn got home her mother gave her the silent treatment. They didn’t talk until Evelyn saw an ad for VAA. She decided to get on a healthy diet and enroll for the model program at VAA. Evelyn has not talked to her mom since.


Evelyn is very flirty. But not at all promiscuous, in fact she has never had sex before in their life, but she likes to lead others to believe that she have. She enjoy teasing people of both genders without truly letting anyone get close to her. Evelyn  feels that by acting like a loose individual, she can gain popularity and finally feel like she fits in and belong somewhere. But she isn’t at all aware of the fact that she might “belong” to the wrong crowd.


  • is best friends with Violet Dupre and Anastasia Myrad. 
  • is friends with Isabelle Gerald 
  • has crush onShay Danielson

The role of Evelyn is currently reserved.

Zander Rite looks like Corahn Lockridge. He is a 15 years old and is currently a freshman. He is here to be a photographer.

About Zander Rite:

Give a brief summary about the character’s past. What influenced his personality? Why does he love photography?


How does he act? What makes Zander himself?


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The role of Zander Rite is currently available

Atari Prince looks like Bahja Rodriguez. She is 16 years old and currently a sophomore. She is here to be a dancer.

About Atari Prince:

Atari was always a very good kid. She grew up in the normal storybook home, with a social mother and serious man for a father. She was always properly dressed, and reading books. Atari can never remember a time in her life when life was ever difficult. Unless, it was about her future. Her father longed for her to pursue a career in medicine but Atari had other dreams and visions. 

She wanted to be a dancer. A career that didn’t provide a solid future for a family and so forth. Her father objected but her mother remembered a time when she had a dream to travel the world and be an artist. Her own father had shot down her dreams, and she stuck to what her father wanted. Although, she was happy she knew she would have been more happy that way. So, as a compromise Atari was sent here to study as well as pursue what she wanted.  One slip up and her days are numbered..


Her kind heart, and innocence does not go unnoticed by anyone. A smile is always gracing her lips because she loves to make people and is a big dreamer. Things will happen if you set your mind to it. 


  • friends with Azula Fierce and Arietta Jinx.

The role of Atari Prince is currently reserved.

Skylar Bay looks like Jesy Nelson. She is 18 years old and currently a senior. She is here to be a writer.

About Skylar Bay:

Growing up, Skylar was teased about her weight. People would take about how many hot dogs she could stuff down her throat or how she only ran when their was chocolate involved. She was always “alone” or so it seemed. On the playground, she didn’t seem to have any friend. Her parents made her toughen up over the years. She was home schooled at age five and has been since.

Her mother was a school teacher and taught Sky her love for writing. Any chance she got she was writing. Ideas never slipped her mind and made a good trait in a good writer. 


Skylar is a diva. She’s all sass, mouth and bare attitude. She’s very carefree and loves to be seen and heard. She’s always flowing with creativity and words to say. 


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The role of Skylar Bay is currently unavailable.

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Willow McKinley looks like Alexandra Daddario. She is 16 years old and currently a sophomore. She is here to be a artist.

About Willow McKinley:

Willow was always a girl that would rather watch sports than play dress up. Growing up she was often teased about her boyish appearance or why she liked to cut her hair short so that when she played sports it would get caught on anything.Willow and her father sent alot of time together but he wasn’t very fit to raise a girl. She grew up thinking like a boy or loving most of the things boys did.  Usually this little girl would withstand all the teasing until someone mentioned her mother. 

Now, every since Willow was at least six months her mother was gone out her life. Her dad said that her mother was out protecting Willow but the brunette couldn’t believe him. From time to time, she would receive letters from her mother but never were they very long. The only thing she really knew about her mom from her father was that she adored art. It was as if Willow needed to do this for her mom. She’s learn ed all about art and the different artists. Along, the lines she began to love it. Not only did it shock herself it shocked a lot of their family.  

Her mother is very proud of her and to this day, Willow still doesn’t know that her mother is in the army. As the day passes she misses her little girl even more. She hopes soon that she’ll be coming home to might the smaller version of herself. 


Willow is a very strong, physically and emotionally. Often though, she can come off a bit harsh or too blunt to other girls. She isn’t afraid to say how hideous someone looks in that dress and most of her friends are guys for this reason. Her sass, as people call it, often gets her in quite a bit of trouble. 


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The role of Willow McKinley is currently unvailable.

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