Antonie Love looks like Craig Crippen. He is 15 years old and is currently a freshman. He is here to be dancer.

About Antonie Love:

When Antonie was 13, his mother kicked him out of their —her home. He wasn’t much of a bad kid but his mother couldn’t pay the bills, considering that she had five children.She wanted Antonie to drop out of school and try and earn money. Basically, she wanted her child to get a job but Antonie refused to be his deadbeat father. So, she ended up kicking him out.  To her, it was as simple as packing his bags and showing him the door. Antonie moved from his small apartment in the Brooklyn projects to an abandoned warehouse in Manhattan. He would dance on the busy streets of Time Square. He would use the money to buy food and clothes. However, he wasn’t on his own. Damien would cook him meals and bring them to him at anytime. Payton would sell his paintings.and give money to Antonie. Lastly, Trevon would perform at comedy clubs and give half his money to Antonie as well. One day, Headmaster was on a visit to New York City and saw him dancing. She was easily impressed and talked about a full scholarship to VAA with him after. He wasn’t going anywhere without his bros’ though. He talked to her about getting Trevon, Damien, and Payton in aswell. At first, she was uneasy but after seeing their talents she agreed without hesitation.  Antonie then packed his bags and moved to Cali with his “best friends”.


Antonie is a very open person. He’s open about the person he is, his life and the things he believes in.He’s very passionate about being a dancer.He can be very blunt, but not in a bad way. He doesn’t mean to be rude and feels that people should know the truth. He’s rather defensive when it comes to the people he loves, Especially, his “brothers”. He would die for them. Antonie appreciates life and the things it has to offer. Antonie knows he can achieve something big but just needs to work for it,


  • is best friends with Damien Perez, Payton Black and Trevon Oak.

The role of Antonie Love is currently available.

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